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Rapid Advisory has developed competence in this area over the years. Rapid also covers occasional cashflow problems that could delay the speed of project completion.

"In 2007 I hired a constructor to build a warehouse. Approved architectural and other drawing were in place” our customer explains. “The trouble is I did not know how to deal with contractors. I did not want to lose my money. Besides I lived outside the country. Endless flights to check on progress would be too costly. I needed an independent third party. Rapid Advisory was the choice. The project was done to the highest quality, on time and below budget."

Whether it is commercial construction or commercial forest planting, Rapid will make sure that the necessary contract documents and agreements plus a realist budget and a competent team to execute the job.

Rapid will extract the key performance variables for the agreements, safely keep the clients money, make payments to contractors as agreed and give periodic financial and performance reports to the clients.

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